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What is atopic dermatitis and why does it appear. The exact causes of atopic dermatitis are unknown. Doctors refer this form of eczema to multifactorial pathologies, that is, it can be caused by various factors:

These factors lead to a decrease in immunity, and also contribute to the penetration of toxins, pathogenic bacteria into the blood. Outwardly, this is manifested by itchy eczema. The pathology of the autonomic nervous system causes vasospasm against the background of stress or exposure to cold. The cells of the skin cover stop eating normally, which leads to increased dryness of the skin, the appearance of microcracks. An allergic reaction is triggered by allergens (dust, detergent components) that enter the body through wounds. Hormone deficiency. Reduced levels of cortisol, androgens, estrogens are the cause of a long-term exacerbation of allergic dermatitis.

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Genetic predisposition is the main cause of provigil disease.

If both parents have a tendency to this pathology, then the likelihood of their child developing the same disease withleaves 80%. If only one parent is sick, then the risk of getting sick is reduced to 50%. Failure of the immune system makes the body sensitive to various irritants (animal hair, plant pollen, drugs, detergents). Diseases of provigil tract - impaired intestinal motility, dysbacteriosis, liver failure, helminthic invasion.

The most common cause of exacerbation is food and medicines. Highly allergenic foods include natural honey, seafood, nuts, eggs, chocolate and milk. The list of drugs that can cause dermatitis includes antibiotics of the penicillin group (Ampicillin, Amoxicillin), anticonvulsants (Depakin, Timonil), and antimicrobial sulfonamides (Sulfalen, Streptocide). Clinical forms and severity.

In dermatological practice, there are five forms of atopic allergic dermatitis: Exudative eczema (lat. exsudo - go outside) - occurs in infants. At the first stage, the reddened skin is covered with small bubbles with transparent contents. Then the bubbles burst, the liquid flows out, dries up and forms a crust. Erythematous-squamous eczema (erythema - redness, squama - scales) - red itchy spots with small dense pimples appear on the skin, they merge into one large itchy and highly flaky spot. Pathology is most often found in children. Erythematous-squamous eczema with lichenization (Latin lichenizatio - thickening) - the signs of atopic dermatitis are the same as in the previous case, but the affected areas of the skin gradually thicken. Affected skin changes color to darker.

Lichenoid eczema (small scaly rash) - rashes appear on inflamed skin in the form of small, very itchy nodules. Elements of an atopic rash merge into groups that acquire clearly defined gray boundaries. The surface of pathological foci is characterized by the presence of Modafinil scales.

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If they are torn off, then bleeding wounds are formed.

Pruriginous eczema (pruritic) is rare, but if its symptoms appear, they usually complement another clinical form of dermatitis. Itchy nodular rashes appear on the elbows and popliteal folds. Dermatitis proceeds for a long time with remissions and exacerbations. The dermatologist assesses the severity of inflammation, taking into account the frequency of exacerbations and the duration of the weakening of the symptoms of the disease, as well as the nature of the atopic rash, the extent of the skin lesion and the intensity of itching.

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Plant pollen, house dust, animal hair, various food products, household chemicals, etc. can act as an allergen. There are air, contact and food routes of penetration of the allergen into the body. The following degrees of severity of the course of atopic dermatitis are distinguished: